Project Based Training

Noida and Dehradun


Apply before 2015-03-31

Stipend : paid

Duration : 15th November to 15 March 2015


B.Tech/M.Tech/PH.d Students


Nextsapiens offer project based trainings. This project based training is helpful for candidates who wants to make  a project in their final semester, fest or exhibition. This project based training gives you a complete knowledge and know how about the project and technologies/ concepts used in building that project like microcontroller programming, device interfacing, sensor working and interfacing, circuit designing.  You will implement your project on your own under our Guidance.  " Dont Just Buy the project, learn how to make it" Some of the Project topics are as follows: Wireless Health Monitoring system using GSM Wireless Health Monitoring system using Android Bomb disposable robot using Robotic Arm Bomb disposable robot using Image processing Bomb disposable robot using GSM Autonomous Water Plantation system using GSM Fire detection robot using Image processing Fire detection robot using sensors GSM based advertising system Real-Time Atomization Of Agricultural Environment For Social Modernization Of Indian Agricultural System Automatic Power Meter Reading Using Gsm Network. Mobile Monitoring System For Smart Home Vehicle Tax Pay And Access System using RFID Design Of Smart Nodes For RFID Wireless Sensor Networks. RFID And ZIGBEE Based Manufacturing Monitoring. Remote Parent Care (Rfid & Gsm). Review Of Sensors For Greenhouse Climate Monitoring. Design And Implementation Of Embedded Indoor Intelligent Temperature Control System. ZIGBEE Device Access Control And Reliable Data Transmissionin ZIGBEE Based Health Monitoring System. Role Of Wireless Sensor Networks In Forest Fire Prevention. A ZIGBEE Based Smart Sensing Platform For Monitoring Environmental Parameters. Zigbee Based Intelligent Helmet For Coal Miners. Innovative Congestion Control System For Ambulance Using ZIGBEE. Real Time Pantry Information System Using ZIGBEE. Acclerometer Based Gesture Recognisation For Wheel Chair Direction Control. FingerPrint Based Physical Access Control Vehicle starting GSM based automatic energy meter reading system with instant billing Secured wireless communication for industrial automation and control RFID Based security system RFID based authorization and device control system SMS based home automation system Image processing based security system Virtual switch Speech control robot Touch screen control device Green house control system using Wireless communication Remote sensing of agriculture field using wireless communication Wireless controlled robot Wireless computer control robot Aquarium controller  with autofeeding system Wireless Field monitoring and control Color changing spy robot Home automation and security system Speech control robot Hand mapped manuevering vehicle Human body  mapped manuevering land rover Highway speed sensing and Automatic braking system Touch screen security system Security system for Wall paintings Lift control panel Remote sensing and data collection Autonomus Bottling plant Smart room heating system  Autonomous Green house monitor and control system Autonomous field watering system Fire Fighting Rover Microcontroller based PLC operations Farming automation over GSM mobile Autonomous speed limit system for automobiles Autonomous street light control system Multi level automated car parking system Railway Gate control system using Track sensors Real time weather monitoring system Anti Theft System using Image Processing and micro controller Autonomous Traffic light control system using Image processing and Microcontroller Object follower machine using image processing and microcontroller PC control Spy robot  using camera Remote control spy machine Autonomous Line Follower Rover Autonomous Object follower rover Autonomous obstacle avoidance rover Metro Train Prototype  DTMf control Robot Mobile control security system Mobile control Home automation system Autonomous home automation system Remote control home automation system Temperature display unit Fire alarm using microcontroller Smoke alarm using microcontroller LPG alarm using microcontroller Home security system Home automation system Autonomous security system Road follower truck using Image processing 2 Wheel balancing Bal Bot Telemetry operation using artificial hand Spy Robot using wireless camera and touch screen Touch screen controlled manuevering vehicle Remote control aerial vehicle and many more  Training Venue: C-16 SEC 2 NOIDA(NCR) ( 2 mins walking distance from Sec 15 Metro station) &  1st floor, Agarwal Business Center, Near Balliwala Chowk, Dehradun ( Ph: 9557254448)