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Work From Home


Apply before 2014-11-15

Stipend : unpaid

Duration : 25th October 2014 to 31st Jan 2015


All student


We, at Cluebunch are offering you creative writing internships to present to you a platform to get your voices heard, to get your words published. As a writer, what one requires most is getting recognition for their work so get published under your own name and build an unparalleled experience and resume.

As a Start-up we are not providing any stipend or compensation initially but we promise that our growth will be alongside yours.


A Flair for writing and clarity in thought process. Guess what? That is all.

Why this Internship?

-Learn to work in a start-up environment, to start from scratch and grow thereon

-To have your voices listened to. Your ideas will be entertained

- To get first hand training from experienced editors and proper feedback for your work to help you grow.

-Letters of work experience and letter of recommendation as the need be.


So work with us, not for us to build clue bunch into your own place. We’ll grow together, never alone.