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Stipend : Rewards

Duration : 3 months


All Students


SwiftIntern is a global Internship Portal. We Provide Internships information and host contests, trainings and events related to students around the world.Visit Us at :

Our Aim : To Promote internship opportunity among students and make them internship information information easily accessible and also provide tips and experiences from students who have already done internships.


What is in it for you?

• A certificate and a letter of recommendation.
• An opportunity to enhance your social and professional network.
• Get Free Access to Online Video Tutorials and Free Certification to the course whom you qualify on our Portal.

The Role of the College Ambassador

Being in a college community is an important part of the student experience at and all students are encouraged to be part of that community.  The college also has a responsibility to engage with the internal and external community and for this part, the College Ambassadors play a vital role. 

It is a voluntary post but does provide you with skills and experiences that are a valuable addition to your CV or application form for employment and postgraduate study.

What would I be expected to do?

The college is contacted by College Ambassadors who are interested in finding out more about  One of the roles of the Ambassador would be to take part in visits, talks and/or careers fairs in these colleges.  You could be asked to help out when we have visitors in college which may prospective candidates and/or parents, alumni and other members of the community who wish to engage with,  You may be asked to help welcome new members of staff or be involved in speaking to prospective candidates for college posts.  

How much time would I have to give?

How much you give to the college would depend on how many requests we have.  The average College Ambassador probably spends no more than 10 hours over the whole academic year.  We also meet once a term to discuss what work has been done and what plans are in place for the future.

Would I be right for the post?

In many ways, you have already been selected for the post.  The HR, who is responsible for all college ambassadors, would have reviewed your Profile and made you an offer of membership at   Apart from that, as long as you are confident, committed, dedicated and happy to meet new people and get involved in new experiences, then you are an ideal person to be a College Ambassador.

How will I be contacted?

Details of events and activities will be sent by the college to the general e-mailing list and facebook group.  If you are able to volunteer then you will notify the college via this list.  So, if there is something you are not keen to do or are not able to do, you would

not volunteer on that occasion.  The activities range from talking on a one to one basis with people or helping out at events or doing short presentations or just being available, so there is something for everyone.  

How long will I be a College Ambassador?

In the Term, the college contacts all students asking for volunteers.  The post is for an academic year but students can volunteer again, if they wish.  Some College Ambassadors take on the role for the duration of their degree programme.

Do I get any travelling expenses?

We would not expect any of our Ambassadors to have to pay for any travel costs incurred.  There may also be occasions when transport will be provided.  Either way, yes, you would get travelling expenses.

What do I do next?

Just Apply by clicking the Aplly button Above.