Brand Ambassadors - Picpal


Myndbee Inc

Apply before 2015-08-31

Stipend : Rs 2500 to Rs 7500 per month based on outcome

Duration : 2 months


Outgoing, extroverted, social, avid user of SnapChat or Instagram


Picpal is a new fun mobile app where users can be together on automatically created selfie collages with friends even when the friends are not close by. 

We are looking for highly motivated brand ambassadors for socializing Picpal. You must be an avid social media user. Preferably a SnapChat or Instagram user. You must own a high end Android phone or iPhone 5 or higher. Your main job will be to have a small set of 10 to 15 of your friends download AND Use the app consistenly over a 1 month period. the goal of the internship is NOT to have the maximum number of friends download the app but rather have a dozen or so friends download but have very high usage of the app on a daily basis.